Started over if Dr. Blowhole is real or not.


  • Episode 1: The rumored menace
  • Episode 2: Attack of the lemurs
  • Episode 3: Revange of the dophin

NOTE: Part 1 contains Episode 1 and half of Episode 2 and part 2 contains the rest.

Fighters Edit

Fight Dr. BlowholeEdit

  • Skipper.
  • Fiery. (A stick of TNT)
  • Sticky. (A bit of blue tack)
  • Shiny. (From Kowalski's lighting gun)
  • Yummy. (A fish head)
  • Kowalski. NOTE: For episode 3.


  • Prince Julien. (Not fighting)
  • Maurice. (Not fighting)
  • Mort. (Not fighting)
  • Rico.


The rest just threw tomatoes and boxing ears not really on any side.

Sequel warsEdit

The Dr. Blowhole warEdit

Not much is known about this war because it started at the end of Part 2 and has never been referred to.

The second zoo warEdit

This war is a lot more serious then the first one. For the only time in the show Hans appeared.

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