Part 1.Edit

Skipper is just putting on the finshing touches on the HQ. He turns around and notices the people at home. He says hello to us and takes us around the zoo. We have to hide with Melman because Callum is taking Marleane to the doctor's. Skipper then goes around the world to find recruits. He first goes to Brazil where he meets Kowiszi.

He then goes to India to pick up Rico. Finnaly he goes to England to meet Private. Private is very rich and owns a company called Private's Loo Rolls. Private dosen't want to leave his company untill an eagle comes in and  tells Mungo (Private's birth name) that for the first time ever the company dosen't want a pengin to own it. Mungo then gives the company to the eagle. Mungo wants to change his name.

He thinks Private will do. When they go back to New York they to doge Nana,Callum and a munk.


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