1. Skipper-Marlene marriageEdit

The reason I want this to happen is because Skipper and Marlene- they may not have a lot in common but I can see them now, getting marrying, having a baby and retiring. When you look at it that way you just think - ahh that's so cute! This episode could a half hour episode but my highest hopes for this episode is if Lola, (the doll from the plane) to have interfere in it. If this was going to be a real episode and with Madly Madagascar, we would have a lot of Lola coming!

2. Return to Monte CarloEdit

How I think the show slots into the series is that POM is set between 2 and 3 and that they went into Monte Carlo afterwards returned to the zoo and then went back to Monte Carlo. How would they get back their for instance, they would not fit their plane in their tunnel/HQ. Then how could they get out of the zoo again with a plane in tow? And would they ever get inside the chain link fences the zoosters did in Madagascar 3???

3. Penguin LoveEdit

I have noticed that in one of the BOM episodes Cardsharks87 had put down that a female penguin came along. I think that's a very good idea. I have spent time creating the ideal girl for Kowalski. She's called Claire who is almost as smart as him but not as inventive. But I except Kowalski would take no notice of her because he loves Doris.

4. Zoosters 1 hour episodeEdit

With Kowalski's chrome-o-tron the penguins could go back and foreword in time. They could go back to when they were on Madagascar or foreword in time to after Madagascar 3 so they meet the zoosters and the other circus animals get confused with the circus owner penguins and them. That would be great! I prefer the circus idea. And I think everyone wants the zoosters in POM and the chain of movies/shorts/TV movies.

5. Dr. Blowhole's Last StandEdit

Will post about later.

6. QueenEdit

Will post about later.

7. Kowalski's Old VillainEdit

Will post about later.

8. Private's Old VillainEdit

Will post about later.

9. Rico's old villainEdit

Will post about later.

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