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A short lived TV show.


Set during the Penguins of Madagascar, the story follows the penguins as they travel around the world- with 8000 competitors!


Season 1[]

  • 1. Getting Started: The penguins decide to take part in a competition where you race round the world!
  • 2. Operation: Travel: Starting in Canada the comp starts. But the penguin's hot air balloon blows out!
  • 3. Italy's Fastest: The penguins face another part of their race and you can guess where!
  • 4. Asia In A Week!: Using the blimp, the penguins continue their journey.
  • 5. Operation: Keep Warm: In the North Pole now, the penguin's blimp freezes.
  • 6. Come Home!: The zoo animals are preparing for the penguins to come home!