POMfannumber1's stories Wiki

1. Editing[]

  • Never go into edit wars.  (If you do this once you will be blocked for a year, second time it will a permant ban)
  • Never post something like a picture of someone naked or say that someone's edit is babyish.(First time the penalty will be a warning, second time six month block, third time year block, fourth time a ban)


  • Never post anything here unless its about POM!

2. Adding[]

  • Do not create new categories without permisson. (This will only result in a number of warnings)
  • Never post anything like "My name is Mr.Mac Donlad and I am 15"etc. (First time the penalty will be a three month block and then you will just be reminded untill a certain point where you will be banned)
  • Do not put an "Under 7s" episode is connected with something like James Bond or Jaws or anything like that. (You will be banned if you do this) (I will allow Star Wars because of the zoo wars episodes)


  • Will post if I think of one

3. Keep it clean[]

Any contributions including swearing etc will result in the contributor receiving a permanent ban without warning.

Don't answer back to an admin. This will result in a permanet ban.

4.Talk Page Rules[]

You will get a welcome message when you join. If anyone tries to remove it or stop other from getting it you will   be in big trouble. (You will get a decade ban)

If You talk to someone on thier talk page like this,(How long have you watched POM?) you will just be warned.

Never  post rumors on talk pages. If you have to post rumors get an admin's permission.

5. Posting[]

Do not mention sex. (Because under 13s might not know about sex. They might enjoy the films and the show and find and come to the site)