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Collects the entire "Under 7s" show!



  • The "Under 7s":The first season.
  • The "Under 7s": The second season.
  • The "Under 7s": The third season.
  • Alex, The penguins and the time tangle.
  • The "Under 7s" start!

New material[]

  • The "Under 7s": The fourth season.
  • The "Under 11s" of Madagascar.
  • The "Under 7" Penguins: Wet and Rainbow!

Disc count[]



An updated editon with the four movies was released for a while at some stores but went out of stock for an unknown reason. It contained a scale model King Julien head.

Second update[]

A few years later a less exclusive update came avabible for everyone. It contaned the The first season-The fourth season, A DVD contaning the four movies, Season 5 DVD, The King Julien head and a bonus slot for when you "get the Season 6 DVD, coming soon". All the DVDs come in drawers and in the nose drawer you find three collecter's cards and a cheat code for the "Find the BONG" game on the "Under 7s" website.