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Disc 1[]

  • Tourist Attraction
  • Dr. Blowhole
  • The Penguin School
  • Toy
  • The Art Lesson! (It is unknown why The party is not on here.)
  • Do it MELMAN!
  • Our Tales (parts 1 and 2)
  • Movie night!
  • Ice on Ice
  • Alex is Allergic
  • An Easter Carol

Disc 2[]

  • Private vs the Skipper
  • Gloria: The Movie
  • Toy 2
  • Zoo Wars (parts 1 and 2)
  • Toy 3
  • Boggle!

Disc 3 (Bonus features)[]

  • Bonus episode: Toy 4.
  • "Under 7s": Behind the magic.
  • Trailer for [[The "Under 7s": The Second Season|Season 2 (the DVD)]
  • Storyboards for episodes 1 to 10.
  • Episode commentaries for selected episodes.
  • Full gallery.


  • This DVD was released on 10.24.13.
  • The blu ray was released two days later.
  • The trailer on TV said that it whould be released on 11.5.13 and that it would have Skipper on the front cover.
  • www.theunder7s.com had an online poll to see which animal would be on the front cover. The options were Prince Juilan,Skipper and Alex. The trailer on TV was made before the comp closed but  everyone thought Skipper whould win.
  • There was a xmas re-release which came with a bounus disc which had The party (some of the strong language was cut out) and an alternative opening of ice on ice.


  • The front cover of the rerelease states All 18 episodes!. However,there are 21 episodes on there including the bonus episode and The party.
  • Behind the magic shows various clips of the show. At one point,the writer says that there is an episode that he really hates called The party and that he will show a clip from it. However it shows a clip of ice on ice.
  • On disc 1 the main menu has a film strip on it showing clips from Season 2. On discs 2 and 3,the main menu shows the penguins,lemurs and chimps in bubbles. The chimps have one appearance on disc 2 and don't appear on disc 3.
  • In the UK episodes 11 to 13 are on disc 2 and episodes 19 and 20 are on disc 3.

The "Under 7s": Season 1[]

  • To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the show, seasons 1 to 4 were rereleased to go along with Seasons 5 and 6.
  • Set details: Contains all the episodes from Season 1 including The party. (The strong language was cut out)
  • Bonus: Bonus episode: Toy 4.
  • "Under 7s":Behind the magic.
  • Trailer for Season 2.
  • Storyboards for episodes 1-10.
  • Episode commentaries for selected episodes.
  • Full gallery.