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The penguins are watching the TV. On KOMO4 news, it says that the most popular animals are the penguins. After having ice cold sushi for breakfast, they go on the first spying mission, spying on Melman! But they can never get in the right position. Skipper gets Kowalski to make a potion to sort this out but then Melman gets giant!


An adaption of Dick and Melman.

The penguins's dinner guests- a one page gag strip.

1 wonderful poster.

Competition where the prize is an "Under 7s" bundle pack. (Including the best of the "Under 7s" vol.1, an "Under 7s" action figure playset, a LEGO playset, a trading card starter pack,a poster, a The "Under 7s" 2 jigsaw and a copy of Case of the secret zoo.)

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