The "Under 7s" of Madagascar:the movieEdit

The penguins get an international publishing contract for Skipper's comic. They have to go to London to get it signed. So with the chimps they go to London!

The "Under 7s" 2Edit

The chimps find a Tarzan DVD and Mason goes to the jungle thinking that the movie is real.

The great "Under 7s" movieEdit

This is the presumed title. This is Marleane's first movie apprance and Dr.Blowhole's.

The "Under 7s" of Madagascar 4Edit

This movie is also coming soon.


A live action feature film will  be made for cinemas.


There will be two "Under 7s" serials.

The animals meet fireman samEdit

With Kowalsi's world machine all of the zoo animals except Doris are sucked into a red hole and when they appear in another world its Pontypandy! Norman and Mandy are the first ones to meet them. Norman has his hypno watch with him and when Stuart is under his spell he is told to start a fire in Station Officer Steele's office. Can Sam, the gang and the penguins save the day?

It premiered on The "Under 7s": Season 6 DVD.

The "Under 7s" and the secret tunnelEdit

When the kids are playing they find a tunnel that goes a really long way and its a gateway to the past of New York, a railroad that ran to Asia and the clockwork heart that will save the railroad and New York. Will they save the day before time runs out?

It premiered on The "Under 7s": Season 5 DVD.

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