The King of Madagascar is a fan made TV show. It will air in 2014. Season 1 will have 19 episodes. Each episode is 15 mins long.

Season 1 segments

  • The Old Gee 
  • Mort runs away
  • Move it baaaad times
  • Fire!
  • All hail the new King! (30 min special)
  • Mort (Live action segment)
  • The new gee
  • The 8 snakes
  • Oh Julien, be king again
  • 80!
  • The wrath of rhino
  • Lemur: The Movie (Live action segment)
  • The return of the snakes
  • Scary night
  • The other gee
  • The boogaloo!
  • Meet the snakes (First HD segment)
  • Season finale


There will be a movie in 2015. It will have Marty and Alex in. King Julien will not appear.

Season 2

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